2019 E&W Couture Pop-up at Miss Bush Bridal

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Good news! Miss Bush Bridal in the leafy little town of Ripley in Surrey will be hosting a pop-up between 19th and 23rd June, and their designers are from wonderful E&W Couture. 
It is very exciting for someone who are interest in creating beautiful bridal fashion. Honestly, I’ve been attractived by this gorgeous young label, who are all making a statement for their own bridalrevolution. With simple designs, flattering cuts, exquisite details also including some of the prettiest floral gowns I’ve ever seen, E&W Couture bring a genuinely fresh and head-turning approach to modern bridal fashion.
E&W Couture was founded by Sophie Creed, who saw a gap in bridal fashion of free spirited individual, who was eager to wear something a little special rather than mainstream on their wedding day.
“We don’t think bridal should be uncomfortable or kept in a box, also you shouldn’t be pressured into not feeling like yourself. Our dresses are unusual, figure flattering, the most important is very comfortable. They are outstanding in the bridal world and make you win the big wow in your wedding.”
“We spend most of our time researching and creating, as we love it from our deep heart. We’re very proud of being made in Wales and champion British businesses. We use British suppliers, as well as a part of a creative collective from our love hometown Cardiff. We’re not your average bridal store or even designers but we think that’s a good thing! We love humanist weddings, liberal outlooks, travel culture and we believe in a bridal revolution, so join in ours! We adore our Brides and enjoy making their summer dress accessories a different experience for them. Our bespoke gowns are all made to fit well and we are with you for each step to make it perfect for your satisfy.”
That’s why it keeps an absolutely perfect partnership between E&W which owns cooperate spirit in the field and visionary Emma Marshall of Miss Bush Bridal. Emma has long been a supporter with more innovative brand and, I’m very excited that she has taken this step to bring a touch of E&W Welsh magic into the heart of Surrey, making a whole new world for brides totally.
Do you want to try a frock? Each piece of dress in the current E&W Couture will be available to slip into your life. Sophie’s cheap prom dresses offer a selection of extraordinary, inspired, easy to wear bridal gowns and mix-match of two pieces, each of these beautiful gowns are designed and handmade with love in Wales. Additionally, you can find vintage coloured tulle, 3D flowers and celestial beading feature on some of our personal favourite pieces. In our eyes everything is perfect.
You can book any gowns you like and wear it for your wedding, no doubtely stunning!