Attentions When Flower Girl dresses

Flower girl is the cutest guest on a wedding ceremony! She undoubtedly steals the hearts of all present with her lovely flower girl dress. If you have an upcoming wedding, the following tips will help you choose the ideal flower girl dress.
Even though bridal dress have evolved dramatically over the past years, flower girl fashion remained almost the same. The flower girl’s dress shouldn’t come out of left field; it should either be a mini version of the bride’s dress or follows the bridesmaid’s dress in color, style and length. 
Moreover, before choosing your little princess’ dress, it is necessary to consider when the wedding will take place, as fabrics and colors vary greatly, depending on seasons. In spring and summer weather, light fabrics like chiffon, soft satin or taffeta are ideal. For autumn or winter wedding, fabrics like velvet or velour are recommended because of their beauty and most importantly they keep the chills away.
For footwear, avoid high heels as they will be uncomfortable to wear by little girls. Opt rather for a ballet slipper style. Keep in mind that if your flower girl is uncomfortable, this will be clear in her face or behavior.
Regarding quality, cheap fabrics can be uncomfortably itchy. Keep in mind that the evening dress doesn’t have to be worn just one time. It can be re-worn on different other special occasions such as a birthday, a fairy princess dress at Halloween or even at a sitting portrait.