Best Promotion Products for Spring Time

Promotional Items

As the snow and ice melt and the sun shines, marketers wisely focus their marketing campaigns on providing the season’s essentials. Spring sale Promotional products are an affordable way to give recipients the items they need to make the most of the great outdoors. Don’t settle for spring sales this year – order unique giveaways to maximize your brand exposure. 
Spring is known for those infamous April showers, but with a top-quality promotional umbrella, your customers and prospects will be ready. Select a wide range of size, style and color options to display your brand front and center. Umbrellas are one of the biggest promotional items among popular gifts, with umbrellas as big as 64 inches keeping recipients dry even on windy days.
Customized tote handbags create the most impressions for your investment: the average handbag has over 5,800 impressions, more than any other promotional campaign. Spring is an ideal time to order a brand new tote bag, as well as a perfect giveaway for sporting events, picnics and other outdoor activities. Colorful tote bags are a must for visiting your local farmers market or going to an outdoor movie.
With sunshine and rain bringing life to plants across the country, homeowners are eager to get outside and work in their gardens. Meet this important need with a range of durable, custom gardening supplies that come with your logo and message. Depending on your budget, consider getting a themed gardening gift for your preferred client: order a rain gauge, replica rolex watches for,leather work gloves, and other useful tools, all neatly packed into a gardening promotional kit.
Take center stage in outdoor activities this spring. Whether you’re grabbing a booth at a citywide barbecue or hosting your own company picnic for a quarterly event, ask attendees to bring branded outdoor products they’ll be using year after year. Picnic blankets allow you to showcase your brand at countless events, and promotional folding chairs come in handy for any spring outdoor concert or sporting event.
Spring is a good time to take advantage of the fact that 63% of those who received promotional jackets had improved views of advertisers. On a rainy or cold day, use a personalized jacket as a canvas for your embroidered logo to delight customers. Both men and women will love our classic soft-shell jackets, which are both wind – and water-resistant.  
The secret to effective promotion is to connect your target audience with the giveaways they find useful. Those who accepted the promotion said practicality was the number one reason they kept the item at home.