Boost your Promotional items business During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Even as the COVID-19 epidemic is slowly recovering, there are media reports that cases are still rising in some parts of China. Despite this news, are you trying to get back to work safely? It’s as simple as using a custom project in a smart and useful way. You can keep your employees and customers safe while spreading your business. It’s just about creativity.
New York businesses were wary of reopening during the pandemic. The C19 I.D. Project helped make it a smoother process with color-coded summer dresses. The color you wear matches the social distance you feel. It’s a simple, intuitive way to help people who have been isolated for months feel comfortable with each other again.
This is a good idea if you’re returning to the office. Choose any 3 colors that catch your fancy (bonus points if you match them to your company’s logo). Place those bracelets in a bowl with signs that communicate a respective feeling about social distancing. Every one of your employees should then be needed to wear one.
Add an inspirational or punny message about COVID-19 or social distancing to plain tees and wear them in lieu of your typical work uniform. Your customers will appreciate the reminder that we’re all in this together.
The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in New York was one of the first to make brass door openers, but now these promotional handy keychains are being sold all over the place online. The idea is simple — you can use doorknobs to get in and out of buildings without touching germy doorknobs. This was a major victory during the pandemic.
You can tape them to a personal note that says something like “Support us as we reopen. Here’s a way to get inside.” The more heartfelt and authentic you are, the more people you’ll get!
You can use such a big number of items for the sake of social distancing. Just take a look at this village in India, which distributed 10,000 umbrellas to all of their residents. Local officials are requiring that everyone in this village use these custom promotional umbrellas in tandem with face shields or masks when they’re out and about.
Are you hosting an outdoor event, such as a wedding, back-to-school picnic, or fundraiser? Give out the personalized promotional Products wholesale to everyone present! Not only is this great sun protection, but it also gives everyone their own bubble.