The Best Levi’s Jeans For Summer


There’s no denying that Levi’s is the most popular denim brand of all time, and even though it took a bit of a backseat between 2000-2010, a few years ago the brand was back stronger than ever, and we saw it almost exclusively in celebrities and bloggers and on the streets. Either their newer designs or the vintage options that are beloved, however, the point is, Levi’s is the number 1 and I think it always will be! With that in mind, while we’re working on our summer list together, I’ve rounded up 8 pairs of Levi’s jeans that are perfect for summer options!
First up, pictured above is a pair of classic Levi’s 501 jeans, but in their original cropped patch style! I think it’s ideal because 501’s are the ultimate jeans, this wash is breathable and has a lot of twists, which just makes me think about summer entirely!
Next up is the classic 721 with a blown-out knee! I’ve seen it on a lot of bloggers and I’ve owned them for a while, but the knee holes are too much for me and they run a little small, so I recommend going up a size large. If you’re the right size for the 721, I recommend it!
Now 501’s tend to be too baggy for a lot of people, so they came out with the 501 Skinny a while back and it’s been a huge hit! This wash is just stunning and I absolutely love it, it’s been on my wish list for a long time, I’m just apprehensive because I prefer my jeans to be super stretchy and it’s more vintage-inspired, so I haven’t bought it yet, but for those who like wholesale jeans to be original and sturdy, it’s just beautiful!
Now the Mile High is one cut that I have a lot of friends raving about. They say it’s one of the tightest fitting high-rise skinny jeans they’ve ever worn, and based on the way they look, I do agree with that. I’m often tempted to try them, so I might be giving them a go soon!! There are numerous washes, but I think this dark blue looks great!
Another newer cut is the Ribcage Super High Rise, which means that these jeans rise just under 12 inches, so they’ll be above the belly button, which could be cool! For me, I’m not sure if I like the flared leg because you know I prefer the tighter style, but I do like the high rise! The name of this wash, Haters Gonna Hate, is cool too!
Another Mile High option from Levi’s here, but this time it’s a light blue wash, which I think is perfect for warm weather and goes well with white or your bright colors. These look like they’d be a great fit too, so maybe this wash would be my choice.
The Wedgie Icon is a product that people either love or hate, and I’m including it here for those of you who love it! They are designed to lift your hips and showcase vintage designs, but if you’re not familiar with 100% cotton, tight-wearing, rigid denim when you get them, keep in mind that they do require a lot of break-ins and wear and tear! Once you do, you’ll love them!
Finally, but by no means least, is a selection of Barrel jeans from the Made & Crafted collection. I fell in love with these when I saw them in a slightly tapered boyfriend fit, but the wash is also very pretty, so I think these look perfect for hot! Nice and breezy! Have any of you tried this particular cut?